A statement from Adam Edelen

November 2, 2016, 18:00 PM

Former State Auditor Adam Edelen:

As both State Auditor and chief of staff to Governor Beshear, I’ve enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Joe Meyer in the pursuit of effective, efficient and honest government. Given that fact, I’m disturbed that recent attacks on Joe seem to rely upon my work as the taxpayer watchdog. The fact is that Joe worked closely with me to quickly address concerns that resulted from our regular and annual audit of Kentucky State Government.  

Closer to the home of the citizens of Covington is the blistering report I issued in 2014 of the massive embezzlement that occurred at City Hall. I have no doubt that Joe’s integrity, competency and strong leadership will prevent any further abuse of the taxpayers occurring in Covington again. He’s a fine man and public servant.