Setting the Record Straight

November 2, 2016, 8:30 AM

I decided to run for Mayor, in part, because City Hall smears people who disagree with them. Rather than encourage discussion, engagement, and participation, the Carran administration retaliates against people who bring different views to the table. That attitude holds Covington back and needs to change for Covington to reach its potential.

The false allegations, personal attacks, and petty retaliation that have defined Sherry Carran’s City Hall have now spilled over into the Mayor’s race. For supporters who would like to respond, here are the real facts:

Sherry Carran’s allegations about the Covington School District are false and reckless.

Rather than speaking for myself, here’s a statement from Southbank President Jack Moreland:

"As president of Southbank Partners, which works with Covington and five other of Northern Kentucky's river cities, I've done my best to stay neutral in this year's city elections, including the campaign for Covington mayor. But I am compelled to respond to the accusation that Joe Meyer "shook down" the Covington Independent Schools when I served as superintendent. Here are the facts:

In 2005 The Covington Independent Schools received a preschool grant that allowed us to hire three staff members. We did not have room to house the program in property the district owned near John G. Carlisle Elementary School. As we began exploring alternatives I learned that Joe Meyer owned a building directly across from the school. I approached Joe and initiated conversations about leasing his property for the preschool program. We signed a lease in 2005 - not in 2009. It was renewed in 2008 - the year I left the district - and again in 2011. Eventually, the program ended in 2014 when the grant was apparently not renewed."

I hope this clears up any misconceptions, misunderstandings and falsehoods regarding the lease.

Former Lieutenant Governor Crit Luallen offered a statement on my commitment to ethical government:

"When I served as State Auditor, Joe served as my Senior Policy Advisor, where he worked tirelessly to improve accountability and responsible policy across the Commonwealth. In prior positions I held with Kentucky Governors, I watched Joe serve with distinction in the State Senate and build a solid reputation fighting for education and for professional, ethical, government across the Commonwealth."

Sherry Carran lied about my record as Secretary of the Cabinet of Education and Workforce Development.

Sherry Carran’s mail piece quotes a 2014 report that deals entirely with decisions made by my successor. I had no knowledge of, or part in, any of these decisions. I informed Sherry of this on October 14; she knowingly made false allegations.

Sherry Carran distorted a 2013 report.

Sherry Carran’s website selectively quotes a 2013 report, and doesn’t provide a citation. The report notes that several clerical errors were found in the Cabinet’s books, then notes that we took immediate and effective action to correct the errors and prevent their recurrence in the future (pages 58-60). That’s the essence of good government, and a lesson that needs to be brought to City Hall.