Covington mayor race, Part II: Joe Meyer on ‘Why I should be elected Covington’s next mayor’

October 11, 2016, 9:00 AM

Q:   What are your top three goals as mayor?

1. Economic Development: Covington must grow the number of jobs in the city. Encourage investment in homes and business by improving the regulatory environment; develop comprehensive plans for housing, social services and code enforcement.

2. Government Reform and a major change in attitude at City Hall: Adopt fair, open, and consistent rules that apply to everyone in the city; Welcome public participation and embrace transparency. Ease communication with the City by an accessible advocate for residents and businesses within City Hall.

3. Reliable and efficient public services: Improve delivery of basic services like trash collection; Reverse staff reductions in public safety agencies and restore full services in South Covington; Reduce the burden on public safety agencies by improving planning for social services and housing.

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