Covington is at a pivotal point. This is a great time to choose to live and work in Covington, but our best days are still to come. It will require experience and steady vision from a Mayor ready to usher in the next generation. With the right leadership we can build not just for today, but to guarantee that Covington is a thriving, healthy city for years to come.

Transparency, Good Governance, and Accountability

A healthy, thriving city where residents and business owners have access to economic opportunity, amenities in their communities, and feel safe in their neighborhoods requires responsible governance that provides excellent service to its citizens.

Every dollar spent must help Covington grow, and every City department must be accountable for demonstrating results. Transparency, good governance, and accountability must always win the day at City Hall. Residents should be the number one priority, and the public informed and involved.

Healthy Economy, Healthy Neighborhoods

The key to a healthy city is vibrant neighborhoods with access to good jobs and good schools. We need to continue our efforts to attract new businesses and residents to the City, but we must not forget about the many valuable businesses and residents already here.

We must invest in the small businesses and local entrepreneurs that bring vitality to our city and are grounded in our collective vision. We need a City Hall focused on existing businesses, residents, and neighborhoods that have been the lifeblood of Covington for so long.